Wasp Species:

Wasp Species – The German and Common Wasps are the two most common species of Wasps and the ones that cause the problems in and around the homes and business; they are very similar in appearance

Common Wasp:                                                         German Wasp:

Wasp Species                                    Wasp Species

The common Wasp is about 12mm long with the German Wasp is about 13mm long and it has three dots on its face which distinguish it from the common Wasp and both Wasp species have the typical colours of black and yellow.

Both species of Wasp have Queens that are larger than workers but do have similar markings. Both have painful stings and the common wasps are much more aggressive than German wasp.

A wasp nest can contain up to 6000 individual Wasps by September And both species are active from May right through to November.

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